Within the confines of Hayek Learning Academy, you will learn how to unlock Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation’s full potential, from using it as a standalone device to learning how to skillfully use it to augment the use of other therapeutic modalities, such as a high-flow nasal cannula or positive pressure ventilator. 

How would you like to be ventilated?

Dr. Zamir Hayek was a world renowned physician and a pioneer of negative pressure ventilation. When many capitalized on positive pressure ventilation, he saw its ramifications and decided to re-examine negative pressure and successfully transformed it into what it is now known today, Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation…  

A Safe, Therapeutic, Non-invasive, and Clinically Relevant device to use today. 

By doing so, we are doing our due diligence as medical professionals to provide the best possible care for our patients. As clinician’s, we dare ask ourselves, “How would you like to be ventilated?”

Unlock the Potential of BCV!

Despite the limitations of negative pressure ventilation, Dr. Zamir Hayek saw by design how it works in line with the body’s original engineering, the cardiopulmonary system. With that potential in mind, he was determined to push the boundaries of negative pressure ventilation.

Highlight's of BCV

A Mask Free, Non-Invasive, User Friendly Alternative to Positive Pressure Ventilation